Sustainable Aviation Fuels Northwest Releases Biofuels Study

The Port of Portland is part of Sustainable Aviation Fuels Northwest, a regional effort to explore and study aviation biofuels. Last week, alongside partner groups Boeing, Alaska Airlines, Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, Spokane International Airport, and Washington State University, the Port attended a press conference addressing the group’s recently completed study on the feasibility and challenges of creating an aviation biofuels industry in the Pacific Northwest.


The study was designed to be comprehensive, following aviation biofuel development from planting to harvest, through refining and transport, to actual use by airlines. Among its key findings, the study concluded that an aviation biofuels industry can be commercially viable in the Pacific Northwest, in part because of the region’s diverse agricultural sector. The study emphasized, however, that the development of such an industry must address key issues with existing fuel sources, including greenhouse gas emissions, other environmental impacts, and energy security.


The full report is available online, or check out Sustainable Industries’ coverage.