Port Staff Talk Chickens, Worms, and Bees

For Earth Day, the Port hosted a lunchtime lecture series for employees on various topics, drawing on expertise right here on staff. For today’s presentation, Troy Graham, Stan Jones, and Greg Sparks talked about raising chickens, worms, and honeybees in the backyard. The engaging trio provided useful advice and information to an audience that left eager to try their hand at egg-laying hens, worm bins for composting, and beekeeping. It also marked the first time we’ve had a rooster in the headquarters building.

Pictures from the presentation:

Above, Troy shows off one of three birds he brought to the presentation. In addition to his rooster, he brought a hen and a bantam duck, fielding questions about how to raise a happy and healthy flock.

Stan shows off worms from the Port’s on-site composting bin.

Greg talked about how bee colonies work and the rewards of tending to honeybees.

Stan gets comfortable with the crowd to talk about worm bins, his worms’ favorite foods, and how the results are excellent fertilizers for gardens.